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What's New

Welcome to Child Support Services for Employers

Welcome to the Florida Department of Revenue Child Support Services for Employers website. This website consolidates the features of the Florida New Hire Reporting Center website and the Child Support Employer Services website. If you have an account with the Florida New Hire Reporting Center website, your account information hasn't changed. The features of this website include the ability for employers to report hires, terminations, separations and bonuses or lump sum payments. Using this website, employers may also request copies of income withholding notices for their employees with child support obligations.

Remitting Child Support Payments Electronically is the Law

Did you know that certain employers are statutorily required to remit child support payments electronically? Employers that had ten or more employees in any quarter during the prior state fiscal year (July 1 through June 30), or were subject to and paid tax to the Department of Revenue in the prior state fiscal year in the amount of $20,000 or more are required to send child support payments to the Child Support Program State Disbursement Unit electronically. Learn more about electronic payment options for employers or read 61.1824(6)(a), F.S., for more information on the law.

Debit Payments Using ExpertPay.com

If you are an employer currently sending electronic child support payments by Automated Clearing House (ACH) debit to the Florida State Disbursement Unit, please be aware of the following changes.

Effective September 19, 2016, employers who send child support payments by ACH debit using the website ExpertPay.com will be charged a $1.50 per transaction.

Starting October 3, 2016, employers can make payment free of charge by using the Florida State Disbursement Unit's new website fl.smartchildsupport.com.

What you can do to avoid this fee

Visit the Florida State Disbursement Unit website at fl.smartchildsupport.com to register and schedule one-time and/or recurring ACH debit payments free of charge.

You should also notify your financial institution of the new Florida State Disbursement Unit Originator ID to allow a debit to your account. Otherwise, debits may be denied and remittance delayed.

You should have recently received a notice in the mail with this new information and our Originator ID. If not, or if you have any questions about the process, please contact the Florida State Disbursement Unit at 1-888-883-0743.