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​​Reporting New Hires for one of your Companies (applies to Service Bureaus only)

To report new hires for a company or organization which you report new hires for, first locate the company in the company list in the top section of the Home Dashboard. Click Report New Hires button next to the company in the list. On the screen to report new hires, please note the required fields are marked with red asterisks. Ensure that you use the FEIN of the employer you are reporting for when submitting new hire records. Only use the Service Bureau​'s FEIN when reporting employees who work directly for the Service Bureau. Complete all the required employee/independent contractor information, including hire date and then complete the employee/independent contractor's address information. Click Enter Next Record to save and enter another new hire record to report. When you are finished entering your individual new hire records, click Finished Entering.

If you have multiple records to report as terminated or separated, use the Upload section at the top of the screen to upload a file with multiple records listed.​