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IMPORTANT: For your security, anonymous electronic file transfer (or FTP) of Child Support Services for Employers records is no longer allowed. Please use below secure electronic file transfer instructions.

Secure FTP Transmission Instructions

To begin an FTP transmission, an employer must contact the Department at (850) 656-3343 and request the creation of a new user account and a folder for the ability to upload via a secure FTP (SFTP) to the Department of Revenue’s New Hire Reporting Center servers. Once the SFTP account has been setup, the employer will be provided their username, external hostname, TCP port and the directory path via email from the Department. The same Department team member will send the employer their password in a separate email for security purposes.

Sample Email for New SFTP Account

Email Subject: New DOR Secure FTP Account Information 

Email Text: 

Hi ________,

We received a request to create a new user account and folder for the ability for (organization name) to upload via a Secure FTP (SFTP) to the Department of Revenue’s New Hire Reporting Center servers. Below is information about this new account.

Username: accountname

Password: Will be provided in a separate email

Directory path: ftps\cse\foldername\accountname (upon login you will be locked to this folder and would not need to navigate)

External Hostname:

TCP Port: 22 

We recommend using the Core FTP LE 2.2 client by downloading and installing the free version from: If you choose to submit your file in xls format, please name the file with the day of the month you are creating it and a four-letter abbreviation for your company. For example:

    •  Acme Incorporated, file created on November 6th = 1106acme.xls 
    •  Skippy’s Crab Factory, file created on February 1st = 0201SCFA.xls 

      Please send a test file (with the word TEST in the file name) so that we can verify that the file transfer is successful. If you have any questions or need more information, please let us know. Thanks! 

      Your Signature Line