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FTP Transmission Instructions

To begin FTP transmissions, employers must first make a connection with the Child Support Services for Employer's FTP server. Once a connection has been established, users will have to provide a host name, user name, and a password.

User name: anonymous

Password: your email address (


Open the CMD window. At the DOS prompt:

Type:FTP- You will get the "ftp>" prompt
Type:open You will get the "connected to" message with another message following it. It will then prompt you for user:
Type:anonymous- Message should state "Anonymous access allowed, send identity (e-mail name) as password:"
Type:ie: You will receive a message "Welcome to the New Hire FTP site. Be sure to change to the appropriate directory for your state. Anonymous user logged in"
Type:cd fl- This will change your directory to the state of Florida. A message will say "cwd command successful". You will now want to transfer the file, making sure you know the full path of the file you want to transfer
Type:put "c:\path\filename.ext"- The actual path will be typed here. Do not use quotation marks. You will receive a message saying "PORT command successful". Opening ASCII mode data connection for <filename>. Transfer complete." 
Type:quit- After you receive the above confirmation message Type Quit. You will then receive the message "thank you and goodbye"


You are now finished. The following is a screenshot showing what your screen should look like: