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​Navigating your Employer account in the Child Support Services for Employers

By default, when an employer logs in to their account they will be taken to their Home Dashboard screen. On the Home Dashboard, employers can view a snapshot of their organization's information (e.g., name, FEIN, contact, email and phone number) in the top section and a current list of the reported new hires for their organization in the bottom section.

Above the list of reported new hires, there's a Search section where employers can perform a specific search query for an employee/independent contractor new hire record. Employers can also manage individual records from that section as well, such as editing the employee/independent contractor information or deleting the record. However, this ability to edit and/or delete records is only available during the time while we are processing the record through our system. Once we have processed the record, it will no longer be editable or able to be deleted. If the employee/independent contractor is no longer with your organization, and we have processed the record, you must use the Report Terminations link in the left navigation panel to find that employee/independent contractor​'s record and report them as no longer with your organization.

By default, the list of reported new hires will display the most recently submitted new hire records. You will not be able to view any previously submitted records unless your account has been authorized to view or search your historical data. Only records reported up to two years ago are searchable using this website.

You may also find the left navigation panel on the website very helpful when you are using the site. The left navigation panel is available on most screens when you are logged in, and from the links you can report new hires, upload files with multiple new hire records, and report terminations or separations.