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Electronic Reporting Specifications


The following tables detail the employee and employer information required for electronic reporting, as well as optional information.

Required Employee InformationRequired Employer Information
Employee's full name Employer's name (please use corporate name)
(Please identify first, middle, and last name)
Employee's addressEmployer's address (please provide address where Income Withholding Orders should be sent.)
Employee's Social Security NumberEmployer's Federal Employer Identification Number (FEIN). If you have more than one FEIN, please make certain you use the same FEIN you use to report your quarterly wage information when reporting new hires.
Employee's date of hireReemployment assistance identification number (if applicable)
Employee's state of hire (only if reporting as a multistate employer) 
Optional Employee InformationOptional Employer Information
Employee's date of birthEmployer's phone number
Employee's state of hireEmployer's fax number
 Employer's email address
 Employer’s contact (individual’s name)
 Medical insurance availability